Terms of transfer Service

Thank you for visiting the MyLimousine website at www.mylimousine.com, hereafter referred to as MyLimousine. MyLimousine is a registered name under GetLimo Incorporated. All services, including airport transfer limousine service and flat rate limousine service, are provided under the MyLimousine brand via affiliate drivers and partners.

Please read the Terms of Service carefully and only continue using MyLimousine if you agree to the terms. If you do not agree, please terminate usage. Use at your own will. Please note, MyLimousine reserves the right to change Terms of Service without prior notice. Any possible changes to the Term of Service will be binding on the other party. For your safety, please check this page periodically to be aware of any changes.

There is no minimum age to visit MyLimousine. However, when reserving a ride, you must be 18 years of age or older and legally allowed to bind to a contract in your respective region.

MyLimousine may contain errors in its content, any errors will be revised upon report. Please note that information on MyLimousine is not meant to mislead and if any typographical errors are found during your visit on MyLimousine, you have the responsibility to report it to MyLimousine here. MyLimousine is not responsible or held accountable to honor any rates that are due to unknown errors. By continuing to use MyLimousine, you agree that you will not hold MyLimousine accountable for errors and omissions. You also agree to report any errors found during your visit via email or phone.

All information collected by MyLimousine for reservations will be used and destroyed once the service has been provided. No information about you, the user, will be held in MyLimousine’s database. All payment information will be processed via the user’s choice of Stripe or Paypal. MyLimousine does not have access to the user’s payment information, therefore MyLimousine does not keep anything regarding the payment method on our database. MyLimousine does not take responsibilities for the actions of Stripe and/or PayPal. By making reservations online, you understand that MyLimousine is not the company responsible for your payment method or funds, and understand that your funds will be handled via Stripe and PayPal in accordance to their Term of Usage policy and not MyLimousine’s Terms of Service.

When making reservations on MyLimousine, you are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to MyLimousine. MyLimousine is not responsible for any loss of funds due to negligence and/or error of the user. MyLimousine will attempt to contact you if any possible error may have been detected as a convenience gesture for the customer but is not responsible for any repercussions due to the possible error. To avoid any possible problems, please check all information multiple times prior to submitting. You agree to take full responsibility for any possible errors during the reservation process.

By providing your information for reservations, you give MyLimousine the right to contact you for confirmation, updates, and future promotions via email, phone and mail. If you wish to unsubscribe, please send an email by clicking here.

By continuing to use the services MyLimousine offers, you will automatically be considered to agree to the terms described above.

For any inquiries regarding the Terms of Service or any general inquiries refer here.

Service Conditions

MyLimousine allows you to cancel all reservations up until 24 hours prior to your reservation for free of charge, any cancellation within 12 hours will be subject to a cancellation fee of up to 75% of the quoted ride rate. MyLimousine also allows free of charge rescheduling of reservations up until 2 hours prior to the original booking time. Any re-scheduling request within 2 hours of the scheduled time is subject to a penalty charge of up to 30% of the quoted rate for the reservation. Once a re-schedule adjustment is made, the reservation can not be cancelled thereafter. One single booking can be re-scheduled only twice. Maximum time frame of re-scheduled/delayed travel date is 31 days from the original reservation date.

All MyLimousine services come with complimentary wait time. Airport transfer limousine service pick-ups come with 75 minutes of free wait time. If your flight is delayed, the wait time will start from the time the flight lands. City-to-city flat rate limousine service and all other services come with a 30 minute complimentary wait time. Once the complimentary wait time has been exhausted, each half hour late will result in a charge of $25. The driver also reserves the right to leave if the client does not show up 1 hour after the scheduled time for all services and 1.5 hours for airport transfer limousine service pick-ups.

Toll routes are never included in quotes. Should the rider ask the driver to take a toll, the rider assumes all responsibilities for toll charges that may incur and not MyLimousine.

For any special requests, exemptions or specific questions. Contact MyLimousine prior to your booking to make alternate arrangements. Click here.

All drivers are licensed and background checked. If any concern arise prior to, during, or after your ride. MyLimousine asks you to report it here.

All prices shown on MyLimousine is in USD. By continuing to receive quotes and using the site, you agree that you are aware that all prices are in USD.

By continuing to use MyLimousine and its services, you verify that you are above the age of 18 and agree to all the above conditions. And hereby release MyLimousine of any accountability with the above mentioned conditions.